There is something magical about visiting your favorite lake.

Whether you come to visit your special spot in early spring when the sun first begins to warm the water, or the height of summer when the only respite you can find is in the cool, clear water, vacationing at a lake is restorative to both the body and soul.

But what happens to your boat when you aren’t busy cruising the lake with your buddies? If you’re like most boat owners, you might hose the boat. If you’re lucky you might get the boat wrapped for winter, or you own a special cover that protects your boat. There are two extremely important times to clean your boat: before you store it for the winter and once you want to use it again after it has been in storage.

Regular cleaning of both the exterior and interior of your boat is important, too, but the constant cleaning can be both unpleasant and time-consuming, especially after you just finished a weekend at the lake. Removing algae and moss from the exterior of your boat can be labor-intensive, and trying to wash all the cushions and interior surfaces is a logistical nightmare.

No one understands the complexities of cleaning and maintaining your boat like Texas’ Top Rated Local® cleaning company America’s Cleaning Solutions. We care about the health and safety of our clients, which is why all of our certified technicians use equipment and cleaning solutions that are safe, and they effectively remove mold, algae, moss, and other contaminants on your boat. If you are ready to have your boat regularly cleaned and maintained by a professional boat cleaning company, be sure to contact the experts at America’s Cleaning Solutions today!

How to Clean a Boat Interior

Cleaning the interior of a boat can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. That’s is why we will be covering some sure-fire ways that you can help maintain the beauty of your boat, no matter how dirty your boat is. Remember, some of these cleaning techniques will take plenty of time and resources to master, so if you are short on time, contact a professional and trusted cleaning company to get the job done.

Cleaning Solutions

There are tons of different options for cleaning your boat. If you are environmentally conscious and want to protect your waterways, using Simple Green cleaning products will help you keep your boat clean without having to worry about poisoning yourself or your beloved lake spot. Dr. Brawner’s Castille Soap is also another non-toxic cleaner you can use on your boat’s interior.

Another non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaner is a simple vinegar and water solution. Vinegar has natural disinfectant properties because of its high acidity. Using a vinegar and water solution can yield incredible results if you are trying to break down calcification, mold growth, or any other grime on your boat.

For maximum effectiveness, these cleaners should be used to do general deck cleaning and cleaning of specific fixtures on the boat. For difficult stains or trouble spots on your boat, you might need something a little stronger. While you may be tempted to get super concentrated cleaning solutions to get those awful stains off your boat, these solutions may be too concentrated, resulting in the solutions stripping your boat of its finish or eating away at the fiberglass.

Cleaning your cushions or vinyl seats can be a challenge as well. Make sure to try to wash the upholstery with a mild cleaner before jumping to a more intense cleaner. Some boating websites and forms recommend using tire and trim polishers since many of the ingredients in vinyl polish are also in tire polish.

Professional Boat Cleaning

If you want to save yourself the hassle of scrubbing down your decks and interior after a weekend of boating in The Woodlands and other areas of Texas, be sure to hire a cleaning company that is trusted and reliable like America’s Cleaning Solutions. No matter how dirty your boat is, we can clean it quickly and efficiently. Call us today at 936-703-7868 to schedule your boat cleaning!